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What’s Vox?

Are you an active social media content creator and want an honest response from your followers about your latest content?

Do you manage people at work and are looking for truth within your team?

Use Vox, the only truly free and open platform that allows you to get honest answers to any question

Vox is completely free

Vox is independent of commercial interests. Neither the platform nor its related apps are profit-driven
There are no companies attempting to monetize or intrusive in-app purchase features

Vox is exclusively supported by the personal resources of its creator, along with donations, including yours!

Although there are some similar apps, none of them can ensure anonymity protection like Vox does. The reason behind this is quite simple: these apps are backed by companies whose primary focus is profit

The development and maintenance of Vox are primarily based on the voluntary collaboration of individuals who share a common goal: to provide a free tool to promote honesty in communication among people

Vox relies on donations. Yours too!

How does it work?

You can access Vox through the dedicated app and any web browser
After setting your nickname, input a question. An automatically generated personalized URL will allow you to share it on your preferred social platforms
Anyone who opens your Vox link can view your question and respond without needing to register on the platform. The answers to your questions will then be available in the 'Inbox' section of your Vox profile


Anonymity should not harm anyone, so we do our best to eliminate toxic content from our platform. Users can also report a specific voice message, we will check the message which, if judged not in line with our policies, will be deleted immediatel

Web version

Iphone version

Android version


Who makes up the Vox team? was conceived by Valentino Corvisieri, who dedicated valuable time away from his family. The software development was carried out by Raoul Zonch

Where can I download the app?

You can download it on the Apple Store or Google Play. You can still use the service without installing any apps. Just type on your favorite browser

Where is Vox available?

Vox is available worldwide. In Italian for Italy and in English for the rest of the world

How many Vox accounts can I have?

There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be used

How do I report abuse?

From the app's inbox, select the message and then tap on the triangle icon at the bottom shaped like a lightning bolt. Select "report message". You also have the option to delete the voice message in the inbox section of the app